Modena (Italy), 26th March 2020


The so-called “bacterial theory” (officially known as “disease germs theory”, and also called “germs theory” or “microbial theory”) is a scientific theory worked out by the French chemist and microbiologist Louis Pasteur (1822 – 1895), according to whom the infectious disease would be caused by types of unchangeable bacteria, able to invade the body from an external source. More generally, after the work of the German microbiologist Robert Koch (1843 – 1910) – that completed Pasteur’s in 1880 –, and also after the discovery of viruses (1890), the bacterial theory argues that micro-organisms so small that can be seen only with microscope, defined “pathogens” (bacteria, viruses, protists, prions, etc.), would invade from outside human beings, animals, plants, and other living hosts causing the disease (called “infectious”).

Since this is a theory, it doesn’t rise the acclaimed truth. However today it is considered “the scientific theory of the disease”, i.e. the official explanation given by Medicine to the arising of the disease (and also represents the ideological ground of the vaccinal practice), it keeps being a “theory”, i.e. an opinion, a conjecture, a belief, exactly like the one defended by the Catholic Church in Seventeenth century against Galileo Galilei, believing that the sun turned around the Earth (geocentric Ptolemaic cosmology). On the other hand, if believing in Ptolemy’s geocentric theory can be easy (actually, what we see every day is a sun that rises, moves through the sky, and sets), the idea that in the Nature there are terrifying little animals that want the death of people, animals, plants, and other living beings, as an end in itself, isn’t only a disputable, but also an absurd idea, and above all, it is senseless from a biological point of view: how can a living being want the death of another one only in order to kill it? The viruses would attack the other living beings only to kill them, and afterwards to die with them: a biological absurdity! Not even the parasites, that stick to other living beings to nourish themselves and live (sometimes with very dangerous effects for the host), do it with the precise aim of killing.

Although the Medicine isn’t inclined to admit this, and its promoters, well integrated in the ranks of the health system, have been indoctrinated first to believe that it proclaims truths and not disputable opinions, the bacterial theory keeps being a disputable one: besides being a biological contradiction, it is an ideologically well-oriented paradigm as well.

Indeed, if we think well, the bacterial theory points out an apocalyptical scenery: all of us would live in a naturally fool world, i.e. in the hands of an evil Nature inclined to desire our illness and death (besides the ones of every other being on the Planet). Such an antibiological condition not only would condemn us to the eternal fear of life, but – by sheer coincidence – to the perpetual dependence on the remedies produced by the Pharmaceutical Industry. The latter could not have desired anything better than the existence of diseases provoked by evil little animals, invisible to the naked eye and resistant to everything except the chemical poisons it produces.

It is only thanks to these “ideological attributes” that the bacterial Theory affirmed itself, not because it is true: the chimerical evil germ discovered in Nineteenth century by positive science, and that lives only to attack other living beings, annihilate their defenses, multiplicate indiscriminately in their tissues until destroying their organism and provoking their death, was an invention used as a scapegoat in order to serve the affairs and the power of the rising Pharmaceutical Industry. So much so that the bacterial theory was officially adopted precisely by the medical-industrial complex at the beginning of Twentieth century, and was defended and disseminated by it, that organized itself around the American Medical Association (AMA) and clearly composed by affairs linked to the trade of drugs.

What is unknown, and that the history of medicine tried to bury, is that precisely in the years in which the bacterial theory was trying to gain the upper hand in order to proclaim itself as a “revealed truth” afterwards, a multitude of physicians/physiologists/chemists/biologists took position against this foolishness: starting with the dr. Claude Barnard, the dr. Antoine Béchamp and all the movement of the Natural Hygienism: Isaac Jennings, Sylvester Graham, John H. Tilden, Max von Pettenkofer, Thomas Powell, Arnold Ehret, Herbert Shelton (quoting only the most famous names). These scholars, not involved in the affairs of the Pharmaceutical Industry, explained that the problem of the infectious disease is not the bacterium (that nevertheless undoubtedly exists), but its biochemical terrain: if it is civily (because the human beings eat foods fit to their physiology and live in natural conditions) the bacteria do only their task: keeping the system clean. If, on the contrary, the biochemical terrain is weakened, debilitated, enervated by the consumption of drugs, by a sedentary, stressed, angry, worried, terrified life, and by an unfit nutrition, by lack of sun, physical movement, unadulterated air, smiles, love, complicity, joy, Community, here there is all the vital system losing its balance, obstructing itself, and what we call disease appears. Therefore, the presence of pathogen germs is never the cause of the pathological process but, if anything, its result.

After all, bacteria, that are living beings, unlike viruses, are necrophagous micro-organisms: i.e., they deal with eating the dead cells that are in the parts with an inflammation (every metabolic occlusion provokes an inflammation, i.e. a state of cell necrosis that degenerates into an infection and after – if its cause is not stopped – can arrive until a neoplasia). Microbiologists’ machineries and technological microscopes, observing the infected zone and seeing it full of pathogen germs, ascribe on them the responsibility of the infection, but this is a charge without proofs, identical to the one that any simpleton could level when, during a fire, seeing hundreds of firemen come to rescue, attributes to them the responsibility of the fire.

Not only the Medicine and the Science get wrong, but their theories, that keep being disputable convictions indeed (however unanimously accepted), are often the result of a mistake. They are affirmed and imposed to people only because the Medicine is a power-based institution, and, like any other one, is never neutral, but defends several affairs (economical, political, of cultural supremacy) and has aims (of economical and political power, of cultural supremacy) different from the ones that proclaims officially and behind which hides itself. That is to say, it doesn’t worry about taking care attentively of people, but about governing them. Far from “open” to the discussion and the debate about its theories, the Medicine imposes them by the authoritative power of the law (as with the vaccinal obligation) and, rising them to the level of absolute, indisputable, supreme truths, operates trying to ridicule, to marginalize culturally, to condemn, to suffocate, to repress, to tear to pieces every other theory that questions seriously them: exactly like the Tribunal of the Saint Holy Inquisition repressed Galileo Galilei when he dared to question Ptolemy’s geocentric theory, accepted by Christianism because it was compatible with the Saint Writings Holy Scriptures. The more the Power of Science will be strong and recognized by everyone, the more it will become intolerant, arrogant, despotic like the Catholic Church’s.

We can already verify this looking at its history. Referring to the bacterial theory, for example, in spite of the academic explications that opposed its affirmation since Nineteenth century, and in fact precisely because the objections were supported by a deep medical and physiological knowledge, the cartel of the worldwide medical Industry tried, in fact, to purge culturally the movement of the Natural Hygienism, that, for its part, was guilty of an intolerable crime of lese-majesty: far from colluded with the drug industry, also through its anti-pasteurian theories, held people responsible, pushing them to the self-management of their own health, instead of making them fearful of bacteria and viruses, and therefore addicted to the pharmacological remedies that were said able to eradicate them.

And the attempt of cancelling from History any critic to the bacterial theory was as hard and tyrannical as the anti-pasteurian demonstrations, that mocked it, were powerful and strong.

For example, Max Joseph von Pettenkofer (1818 – 1901), physiologist and professor of clinical chemist at Munich University, member since 1873 of the commission for the studies about cholera and president of the Bavarian Science Academy (the conception of a chemical reaction for the search of biliary salts in the urines is his: Pettenkofer’s reaction), used to make very telling anti-pasteurian demonstrations to his university students: he filled a common glass of water, diluted in it a concentrate of bacteria of cholera, and swallowed it in front of them, without ever falling ill. In this way he demonstrated directly on himself the total fallacy of the thesis of Pasteur and Koch and of their self-absorbed followers; that at the time were still defined, sarcastically, “contagionists”.

In an extremely detailed article titled Max Von Pettenkofer and the germs theory, edited by the journalist Gianluca Freda, a bizarre anecdote about the Professor is reported. «In 1892, the famous Bavarian physician and chemist Max von Pettenkofer asked Robert Koch, that had isolated the bacillus of cholera nine years before, to send him a specimen of his vibrionic cultures. Koch sent him them. Some days after, Pettenkofer thanked him with a letter, in which he wrote: “Doctor Pettenkofer offers Doctor Professor Koch his congratulations and thanks him for the phial containing the so-called vibrions of cholera, that he was so kind as to send him. Doctor Pettenkofer drank all its contents and is glad to inform Doctor Professor Koch that he still has his usual excellent health”. Actually, Pettenkofer […] had swallowed not an ordinary, potentially infected product, but an entire culture of bacilli of cholera, without consequences. Since they weren’t able to explain the phenomenon in a convincing way, the ‘contagionists’ of the time affirmed that the bacilli of cholera had been probably neutralized by Pettenkofer’s intense stomach acidity; he was 74 years old and indeed fell a prey to intense dyspeptic ailments every time he listened about the theories, that believed to be airy-fairy, of his academic rivals. Apart from this, he enjoyed an excellent health. And […] he was still in discreet form when, nine years later, [seeing the unstoppable advance of the Cartel] committed suicide with a revolver shot in the temple»[1]. An historical fact remains: illustrious professor Koch, that, in 1883, had enunciated his famous 4 postulates (i.e. the four general criteria aimed to establish the cause-effect relationship between micro-organisms and diseases), in front of the explicit disclaimer of the third one (“every time a pure culture of the micro-organism is inoculated into an host, the disease reproduces itself”), took good care not question his theories, knowing well that, if he did it, he would have endangered all the scientific credit he had laboriously conquered. Even far from a scientific curiosity about what professor Pettenkofer demonstrated him, Koch did absolutely nothing to stop the advance of the bacterial theory, that, on the contrary, took flight (thus, power) and that is still governing the Medicine and the affairs of the World Health Power.

But Pettenkofer was not the only one who mocked the bacterial theory. As Valdo Vaccaro, too, recalled, among the many anti-pasteurian experiments made, doctor Thomas Powell’s are still famous as well. He, as Vaccaro wrote, «in the Thirties [of Twentieth century], had ridiculed the entire world of Medicine. He had launched the challenge of producing in his body at least one illness, inoculating in himself, under the control of a jury, the germs of cholera, of bubonic plague, and every type of microbes […]. He had these microbes spread in all his foods. He painted several times his throat with the germs of diphtheria, but all his efforts to fall ill came to nothing»[2].

Doctor John B. Fraser, from Toronto, too, verified on field the scientific inconsistency of the bacterial theory: as Vaccaro recalls again, he «described on the American journal Physical Culture (May of 1919) his 150 experiments realized from 1914 to 1918 in order to determine whether microbes really cause the disease, or, on the contrary, the illness generated by other causes produces the microbes in excess. In 1914 he began quenching the thirst of groups of volunteers with water containing 50 thousands of microbes of diphtheria. They waited during some days and none of them fell ill. Then he passed to a second experiment, with milk containing 150 thousands of microbes of diphtheria. No symptom. In the third experiment, the tonsils, the palate, the nostrils and the part under the tongue were painted. What a coincidence, no case of disease. It was thought that diphtheria wasn’t very fit. […] [Then] another series of trials with the most dangerous microbes of meningitis was undertaken. The nose mucosas, the norils, the tonsils, the part under the tongue and the posterior part of the throat were invaded again, painting millions of microbes. No sign of illness appeared. Another attempt was made with tuberculosis, with a waiting of long months, but this failed, too. Diversified combinations of microbes (typhus with pneumonia, meningitis with typhus, pneumonia with diphtheria) were used as well. Nothing again»[3].

The bacterial theory, challenged and opposed with demonstrations on field, is still an absurd (however spread) belief: a prejudice, a Nineteenth-century superstition. Indeed, it clearly belongs to the time in which it was conceived, i.e. it is the result of a militarist, colonial, anthropocentric and positivist life vision, perfectly harmonized with what I call the “hobbesian prejudice”, i.e. with the idea that life itself is a continuous war of everyone against everyone aimed to submission and death, and that only an intervention of Culture (of State with its Laws, of Science with its explorations, of Technique with its discoveries, of Medicine with its therapies, of Religion with its miracles, etc.) can arrange the imperfections of Nature. Maybe Nature isnt’t perfect, but surely Culture is still less, at least because Culture is always disputable. And the delirium of omnipotence that moves the Culture (in general) and the ideology of Science (in particular), i.e. the megalomaniac idea that the Science is abler than Nature, tells us enough how much arrogant, aggressive, opinionated the dictatorship of Science (Scientocracy) can be.

WE DO NOT CONTRACT DISEASES, MUCH MORE INFECTIOUS ONES, BECAUSE SOMEONE PASSES THEM ON US, BUT ARE BORN IN US: from our unhealthy lifestyle and nutrition, in addition to the pollution of air, water, and of the Earth that we swallow through breath and food. Ourselves are the main responsible of our illnesses; ourselves and our unnatural lifestyle, as we were fattening domestic animals, intoxicated and polluted. THE CONTAGIONS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!!!


And the most bizarre thing is that nowadays just the conditions of unbearable health restriction in which we all are detained demonstrate, once more, THE INEXISTENCE OF ANY CONTAGION UNDERWAY.

It is said that coronavirus would multiply itself by contact between people. Well, in spite of the fact that since 17 good days the almost total suspension of every human contact between people was ordered and effected, the number of positives to COVID-19 swab not only has not lowered, but they have reached a peak defined “unexpected” by the Italian Civil Protection Department itself. Why? Because diseases are not transmitted through human contact, and the contagion ideology is needed only to make all of us terrified. Naturally, a terrified individual is much better governable.

If we look at the data provided by the ITALIAN NATIONAL HEALTH INSTITUTE day by day, this is totally evident. The diagram displayed here, that reproduces the curve of incidence of COVID-19 in Italy in the days from 30th of January of 2020  (date in which WHO declared the state of global epidemic) until today (26th of March of 2020), demonstrates that, on the date of 9th of March, i.e. the date of come into effect of the measures of ban of circulation and human contact in Italy (the date is highlighted in the diagram by the red vertical line), the number of positives to COVID-19 not only has not decreased, nor has stayed stable, but has grown with a peak of 300%, and afterwards of 500%, and afterwards of 700%, and afterwards of 1.100%, that ridiculizes any bacterial theory and any contagion ideology. The examination of the diagram itself tells us clearly that the restrictive measures of control effected by the Italian government have not affected at all the evolution of the disease.



In front of these incontrovertible data, the government is trying hard to make its contagionist propaganda, affirming that it is a matter of transmissions preceding the 9th of March and showing themselves only now; but, apart from the ITALIAN NATIONAL HEALTH INSTITUTE has always declared officially that “the period of incubation [of the new coronavirus] varies on average between 2 and 14 days”[4] (and today it is the 17th day after the 9th of March), logic is still logic: if we were in front of a loss of water because of an open tap and, after closing it almost completely, the water not only didn’t decrease (or didn’t stay constant for a little, up to the emptying of the pipe, decreasing afterwards), but begin going out with much more intense and vehement spurts, three times, and five times, and seven times, etc. more than at the beginning, everyone would be perfectly able to understand that, evidently, THE RIGHT TAP HAS NOT BEEN CLOSED.

The tap of the contagion is not the right one, and the cause of the spreading of coronavirus is not in the contact between people!

But there is one consideration more that confirms it: you can deduce it, once more, from the examination of the data provided by the ITALIAN NATIONAL HEALTH INSTITUTE on COVID-19 positives and on their related deceased. Why the highest number of positives (about 60.000 out of 80.000) is observed in the lands of the Po Valley? Maybe has coronavirus elaborated a particular antipathy for the inhabitants of those areas? Or are those areas the ones with highest industrialization and highest levels of environmental pollution registered every year?

The Po Valley, because of its morphology and the industrial doggedness, is the area with the most polluted air of Italy and, according to the images elaborated by the European Spatial Agency (ESA), the one with the most polluted air of Europe, too[5]. Maybe is it strange that in this place, devastated in its environment, completely deforested, covered with concrete and paved everywhere, crossed by rivers transformed through the years into landfills of factories and urban garbage (so much so that they are not fit for swimming since many time), and completely fouled by chimney stacks, incinerators, nano-dusts, exhaust pipes, electric plants, and chemical contrails, complications in the respiratory system of the inhabitants are registered? Is it strange that the provinces with the highest number of positives (Bergamo and Brescia) are around the incinerator of Brescia, one of the biggest and polluting in Europe (about 750.000 tons of wastes for year: the triple than in Vienna)[6]? Is it maybe needed to recall what are the effects of the nano-dusts that enter into our organism from the respiratory system, overcoming all-natural protection barriers? And is it also needed to recall that the majority of the incinerators in Italy is at North (almost the 70%)[7], and above all in the Po Valley?

If we observe the data about the positives to COVID-19 of the regions outside the Po Valley, the 59.174 cases recorded in these lands become 3.226 in Tuscany, 2.567 in Liguria or 494 in Sardinia. In the same way, people that resulted positive to COVID-19 in all the State of Slovenia (at east of Friuli Venezia Giulia) are 141 and no death is reported (data up to the 15th of March). Maybe is coronavirus cross with Northern Italians and, after reaching the border of the Balkan states, refuses to cross it?

And why the data mean age of patients dying for coronavirus tell us that in the majority they are octogenarians and that even the mean age of positive patients is 63 years[8]? Maybe does coronavirus stop in front of people’s identity card, and is cross with retired ones?

One more question: why are counted among the COVID-19 positive deceased patients and also people with extremely serious and chronic previous pathologies and desperate health conditions? All of us know that there is a great difference between dying because of coronavirus (thus, without any comorbility) and dying with coronavirus (thus, with serious and previous illnesses). Dr. Stefano Montanari, nanopathologist, interviewed the 19th of March by the video-blog channel Byoblu, with his proverbial irony, explained the difference with a joke to the journalist that was interviewing him: “If you are ran over by a train, this trauma is a cause of death. If you are ran over by a train and had a cold, the cold is not the cause of your death”[9].

Well, according to the last report of the ITALIAN NATIONAL HEALTH INSTITUTE, updated to the 20th of March of  2020, “Mean age of patients dying for COVID-19 infection was 78,5 years”[10], almost all of them with serious and pre-existent chronic affections (ischemic cardiopathy, atrial fibrillation, stroke, arterial hypertension, diabetes insipidus, dementia, chronic obstructive bronchopneumopathy, cancer during the last 5 years, chronic hepatopathy, chronic kidney failure)[11]. Out of all people declared dead for coronavirus (3200 reported out of 8.165), the officially verified ones without co-morbilities are ONLY 6[12]! Where is this unstoppable global contagion?

Professor Roberto Bernabei, tenured professor of geriatry at Catholic University of Sacred Heart of Rome, invited by the Chief of Department of Italian Civil Protection Department, B.S. Angelo Borrelli, to the press conference of updating about the health situation in Italy on 20th of March, declared: “The true risk factor is having not only a geriatric age, but also some comorbilities. […] And, particularly, pathologies like hypertension, ischemic cardiopathy, atrial fibrillation, diabetes. […] The general fact is that we have less than 10 % of mortality under the 60 [years]. The remainder is from 60  years up[13].

If the hypothesis of a viral contagion of the population of the world were true, the population would be decimated everywhere, at any age and indiscriminately, not with a particular attention to the age, the place of residence, and the presence of chronic previous pathologies. In China, where it is said that this Micro Monster was born, the sky is so polluted that it is covered every day by an extremely thick grey layer that does not let even one ray of sun pass through. A personal acquaintance of mine, that had the chance to go to Shanghai some years ago for professional reasons, told me about how, a sunny morning, leaving the hotel, noticed that almost all the inhabitants of the town stopped to photograph the sky. After asking for an explanation to his local interpreter, he received this answer: “Everyone is photographing the sky because today it is blue, and here this is so rare that many are immortalizing it with the mobile phone”.

It is not the coronavirus what is decimating us, but civilization: with its unbearable rhythms, its orders to respect, its stressing duties, its constant concerns, its environmental pollutions accepted by everyone and taken for assumed (in the name of the Progress, of the Development, of the technological Innovation); with its intolerable traffics (from urban wastes to radioactive scums, from drugs to arms, from female slaves to allocate to prostitution to human organs), its dead rivers, its more and more acidified seas, its woods cut down, its pierced and threadbare mountains, its unbreathable air, its unhealthy food culture, further aggravated by the production of foods that are full of gluten, cooked and overcooked, preserved, denatured, pasteurized, filled with chemical additives and other poisons.

THERE ISN’T ANY CORONAVIRUS CONTAGION UNDERWAY! It is not the contact between people what is provoking the influenza underway. The adopted control measures (that do control nothing) are the wrong tap, that doesn’t affect in any way the loss of water.

Thus, witnessing the continuation of these liberticidal measures and to their obstinate worsening (in Emilia-Romagna, a decree of 18th of March of 2020 prohibited also the walks and the exits by bike), means witnessing the stubbornness in squeezing with the pliers the wrong tap. This demonstrates only two things:

1) the state of evident confusion in which is the medical science that, in front of the clear  prophylactic  uselessness of the adopted restrictive measures, does not know more what to do, and then insists on them, believing it can remedy their total ineffectiveness with the authority and their gradual exacerbation (as Doctor Antonio Santo, oncologist of Verona Hospital Unit, admitted on 22nd of March, begging face masks for everyone: “Until now the measures implemented by the central and regional Government have not given the hoped results”[14]);

2) that the intentions of the promoters of the “state of siege”-like measures underway, who do not give in even in front of their demonstrated inability to affect at all the current health situation, were not directed to the aim of public health, but to other aims: and, in particular, to political ones, i.e. – I repeat it once more – adaptation of the masses in all the world TO THE ACCEPTANCE OF THE SUSPENSION OF THEIR FREEDOM (this last aim has been achieved perfectly).

Certainly it is not a case, indeed, that so many governments have been very glad to get on the bandwagon of the health restrictions already applied in Italy, even in much less significant conditions than the Italian one (that, on the other hand, isn’t significant at all, if only we consider that in 2017 13.400 people died with pneumonia, while to date the positive people considered dead with coronavirus are about 8.000).

In Spain, similar measures have been imposed since the 14th of March of 2020, although only 1.328 people generically dead with coronavirus (data up to 21st of March) were registered: emergency state proclaimed by the government and the army in the streets.

In France, identical emergency measures were effected since the 17th of March, although only 148 people died with coronavirus were registered.

In Austria democracy is suspended since 16th of March, and deaths with coronavirus were even 3.

In Albania, the decreed democratic limitations are still harder than the Italian ones, since the prohibition of the use of cars, both public and private (for now limited to the cities of Tirana and Durazzo), has also been effected; nevertheless, the health situation on the 15th of March (date of the provisions) was as follows: 33 people resulted positive to the COVID-19 tampon and only 1 died with coronavirus (that, however, was the only death recorded in all the area of Western Balkans)![15]

 In Israel, too, “state of siege”-like conditions still more restrictive than the Italian ones have been adopted by the government, with the flights suspended in all the State, tampons for people who drive, domestic segregation for everyone and, since the 17th of March, new emergency measures to allow the police, without the necessity of a tribunal order, to trace people’s mobile phones and verify their possible movements. According to the journalist Gabriele Carrer, the Israeli government even has deployed in the first line «also Shin Bet, the internal secret services, authorized to track down anyone who entered into contact with people suspected of having been infected before the virus were diagnosed. Shin Bet can utilize for this aim the devices that are usually used to contrast terrorism […]. Interviewed by Agenzia Nova, Jacob Perry, director of Shin Bet from 1988 to 1994, after minister and deputy, had explained, before the government’s green light to the new measures, that “the government utilizes all the means of digital inspection to check through mobile phones and computers if people respect the security measures and limit their movements. It is a penetration of privacy – Perry acknowledged – and there is also who defines antidemocratic this system, but I think that, in this moment, the most important thing is stopping the spread of the virus”»[16]. The spread of the virus in Israel, up to the 17th of March, was as follows: only 300 people positive to COVID-19 tampon and no dead!

In Lebanon, on 21st of March of 2020, «nationwide curfew» was declared in the range of the increase of the precautionary measures trying to control the spread of coronavirus. The premier Hassan Diab, that spoke live in tv in a speech to the nation […], specified that the army will be deployed in all the cities, patrol the streets and erect check points. The cases of Covid-19 are [only] 206»[17] and no dead ascertained.

Curfew in Northern Macedonia as well (from 21:00 to 6:00): 85 positive people and no death[18].

Curfew in Bolivia, too (from 17:00 to 5:00)[19]: only 3 people positive to coronavirus and no death[20].

Curfew imposed even by the national agreement government of Tripoli (Gna), from 18:00 to 6:00: not even one case of people positive to COVID-19[21]!!!


The complex of metabolic wastes passed off with the wording “coronavirus” will simply run its course, unconcerned by the ignorant and inhuman anti-Nature measures adopted by the World Health Power through its aides sat in the chairs of the governments and parliaments throughout the world. Like every other seasonal influenza, also this one, determined by the current metabolic occlusion, will continue its parabola of growth in the number of positives and dead, until stabilizing BY ITSELF, and will regress BY ITSELF like every year. And the fact that it will regress sooner or later, and that the government surely will attribute it to the adopted restrictive measures, in the general applause of newspapers, reporters, local radios, and the public opinion (including the many anti-system alternatives that believe in the Institutions of the System), won’t shift the ground.

The seasonal influenza under way will regress by itself. What, on the contrary, won’t regress anymore, will be our willingness to accept the suspension of freedom every time the bells of the contagion ideology will be rung; and maybe even without the necessity of ad hoc bells or of Draconian provisions like the current ones, that show in an even too much flashy way how much totalitarian the Dictatorship of Science is. You can’t come back anymore from the emergency state!!!

There isn’t any coronavirus contagion underway, and the world population can stay calm about it. Instead, there is an unrecorded aggression to everyone’s freedom, and on the contrary it is necessary worrying enormously about this and activating in order to resist!

The terrible totalitarian turning point underway has not any correspondence in the political history of the Planet: we must become aware of it and cannot be quiet in front of it. Every silence that we will add to the arbitrary act we are suffering in these days, will be paid by ourselves at a high price in the future, with ever more arbitrary restrictions and, who knows, compulsory health treatments for everyone, all the more for whom will decide to rebel!

What is involving us these days is not a purely intellectualistic issue, let alone a health issue: our freedom is at stake. Either we will be able to react to this totalitarian turning point that confines us silently at home, that makes us go for the streets stupidly dolled up with useless facemasks and latex gloves, that forbids us any natural human contact and teaches us to see in our fellowmen potential infected from which we have to stay at a strict security distance, or the domestic detention, that nowadays we even applaud with ignoble and servile flash-mobs, will become an ever more common instrument of political and police restriction.

To decide is our concern: freedom, maybe as never before in the history after the worldly tragedy of twentieth century European totalitarianisms, is in our hands now.

Enrico Manicardi

Translated by Irene Starace

 Edited by Aleksandra K. Rega


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